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July 16, 2020 1 min read


Did you know we have super beneficial bacteria on our skin, and then those which take our skin balance out of harmony. Probiotics by Doctors Formula corrects the effect of external aggressors and skin concerns, by bringing balance back to the skin ecosystem. Probiotics ensure that skin cells and microorganisms live in utopia!

Each and every day, your own personal skin workforce face challenges of overuse of sun, air conditioning, climatic changes. Combined with stress, excessive cleansing routines and hormones which can all have a negative impact on our skin. Our skincare superstar ingredient Relipidium stimulates the skins lipid synthesis, restoring the skin’s barrier, ensuring smoother, more hydrated and strengthened skin. At Doctors Formula, we love bacteria.

We say bugs are good!

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Beth Tipton
Beth Tipton

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