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Your Skincare Travel Guide

12 min read

Summer is here, it’s time for the great escape, and no matter where in the world you’re headed taking your skincare with you is as essential as your passport, cash and sunnies. Many of us when we travel, opt for the easy travel solution, asking your skin care expert for any samples of your favourite products, scouring the beauty halls for bite sized beauty products (even though they frequently only come in a 5-10ml size, and it just isn’t enough to see you through your vacation or staycation). Many of us simply decant our existing regime into smaller pots.

Sunsational Skin

11 min read

After coming out of a dreary few months of winter looking a little ashen, pasty-faced, and pale, the hint of warmer weather brings about a satisfying thought of a gentle tan and warm cheeks (without the help of a blush or bronzer) along with long summer nights. There’s nothing more alluring having that sun-kissed skin glow, the luminosity, radiance, and all-round look of healthy skin -- but with all that sun exposure, we also have to think at what cost?


11 min read

Why are wrinkles the first thing we see when we look in the mirror? Wrinkles indicate the one area of skin that shows the truth of our aging skin.

They say that the eyes are the windows to your soul, yet some mornings, mine can appear more like a black hole rather than a shimmering pool of mystique, laughter, and love! It is the first thing we see when we look in the mirror, and it is the first thing to dampen how good we feel about ourselves when the reflection back is a sea of lines and crevices, dark circles, little white bumps, or a blue and purple hue that shows up due to lack of sleep, poor circulation, or genetics. Combined with an increase in loose skin and puffiness and as we age, I have decided that my soul is not one of harmony, but of neglect and the signs of ageing if my eyes are my window to within!


Spring Skin

13 min read

What makes you smile as you step into Spring? Could it be that it’s nearly time to start peeling back the layers of woollies? Or is it that the days have light for longer and the snowdrops are in full bloom? For me, it’s the peeking through of the Tete-a-Tete daffodils as it’s always my visual clock and time to get me thinking and to have that conversation with myself as to what to switch up my skincare routine with... it’s time to look forward to spring skin, even if you’re not a spring chicken!

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