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The Epicentre of Skin Health

10 min read

SKIN -- it’s our largest living organ, but do we really pay it the respect that it deserves?

The likely answer is no. We abuse it day in and day out. We expose it to all forms of aggressors, environmental damage, physical attack, UV rays and pollution. We leave the dead and dying cells on the skin’s surface, yet we expect it to fully function, be radiant, healthy, and non-reactive. It keeps us warm and cool as our complete protective layer, shielding everything beneath, so why do we not show our skin the care and support it deserves?

The Seasonal Skincare Switch

10 min read

There is no denying how great we start to feel once the days are filled with daylight and the warmth of a summer’s day seep into our bones. Thoughts of an exotic holiday overseas may not be a reality just yet (let us keep hoping!) however, the wardrobe has been switched with the cosy jumpers folded away and swapped for linen, cotton, sunnies and a decent SPF for the seasonal must haves.

Beach-body beautiful or ready to body bluff?

12 min read

Did you step into spring and get the feeling it’s Groundhog Day? After the holiday season, you said to yourself “Here comes January and the first resolution is that I am going to start getting beach body ready NOW!”

The Soluble Solution to Ageing.

10 min read

Endorsed and consumed by celebrities around the globe swearing their allegiance to the power of collagen. Is there any wonder you are seeing it all over social media, on every advert in-between a video clip, promotion is everywhere, and it is readily available in so many differing forms, is it any wonder that we all want to get in on the action!

Although you may just be wondering precisely what is just so great about it...

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