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Marine Collagen Original Time Reverse Serum 30ml

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Doctors Formula | Skincare | Anti-Ageing | Face | Beauty
Doctors Formula | Skincare | Anti-Ageing | Face | Beauty
  • Doctors Formula Original Time Reverse Serum 30ml

    •A lightweight superior serum using a collagen amino acid complex which is hygroscopic it absorbs moisture from the air to enhance the “retention effect” of moisture in the skin.
    •Skin flexibility is increased resulting in deeply conditioned and more youthful looking skin.
    •Hydrolyzed collagen improves elasticity, and with its high moisture retention properties, prevents dehydration.
    •Retinol is rich in Vitamin A which sinks into your skin to speed up cell turnover, resulting in fresher, smoother skin. It is primarily used to target anti ageing skincare concerns, fighting against wrinkles and uneven skin tones.

    Key Benefits:
    •Enhanced bi phase collagen action provides proven moisture retention, improves elasticity and skin support.
    • Rich in antioxidants to combat the visible signs of ageing & effects of environmental
    • Skin feels hydrated, smooth and regenerated.

    Doctors Formula is...
    - 100% Cruelty Free / Not tested on animals.
    - Paraben Free.
    - Formulated in the UK with ingredients sourced from around the world.

    Cosmeceutical based brand which harnesses the best current active ingredients on the market, clinically proven to have corrective results on your skin.

    Who Is It For?
    - Recommended for ages 20 - 60+.
    - In our mid-20s when our collagen levels start to deplete it is important to introduce a collagen focused product into your skincare routine to help increase these levels.
    - Collagen leads to a smoother, firmer looking skin appearance and helps with cell renewal and repair.

    Suitable for all skin types.

    Key Ingredients:
    HYDROLYSED COLLAGEN: Known for its moisture retention properties. Increases skin flexibility, super conditioning for a supple, youthful skin.

    GLYCERIN & GLOBULARIA CORDIFOLIA CALLUS CULTURE EXTRACT:Helps skin decrease the level of pro-aging agent in order to restore natural skin glow. It offers smoothing, calming, soothing, redness and environmental protection benefits.

    ALLANTOIN: An effective moisturising ingredient, which helps to increase skin smoothness, promote cell proliferation and longevity.

    RETINOL: Rich in Vitamin A, it is effective against wrinkles, an uneven skin tone and acne.

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